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Retire richer sooner

Want to exit the rat race early, but don’t know how and where to start? Your Investment Property presents your step by step roadmap to building a property portfolio that would replace your income


57 underrated regional suburbs with big potential

If you think capital cities are the only place to make money, think again. These regional areas are showing all the signs of an impending growth spurt and have the fundamentals to support it


How to start investing as a single parent

How to build your wealth through property as a single parent? Our resident expert puts together a comprehensive, step-by-step game plan


How to research like a professional

Insider tips on how to find the best areas to make big profit using available property data.


Investing in commercial property 101

Thinking of diversifying your portfolio by investing in commercial property? This article explains what you need to know before taking the plunge


How to strengthen your borrowing capacity to expand your portfolio

With investment lending currently under scrutiny, banks are tightening their criteria even more. So how do you get the banks to lend you more?


Success stories

Audra Tracy: How I built a portfolio I could retire on

Audra Tracy reveals her secrets to building a portfolio of 17 properties worth $5.9 million in just seven years


Anthony and Sue Hardwick

How we built a property portfolio of 13 properties earning us $257,900 a year income


Divorce: Capital gains tax issues you need to know when splitting up the family assets