Liveable is out, loveable is in — new research by RobertsDay has revealed the seven features cities should have to meet the “loveable city agenda”.

The seven elements include identity, equity, greenery, urbanity, mobility, wellness and resilience.

"Far from being an abstract concept, the lovable city evolves the liveable city agenda. Each of the seven elements builds a complete picture of a loveable city that makes people happy, healthy and provides emotional fulfilment. Our research and data indicate it boils down to the same seven elements regardless of geographic location," RobertsDay director Stephen Moore said.

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RobertsDay is currently developing tools to help government planners, developers, and communities to achieve the new urban design concept.

"The Loveable City concept gives priority to attachment and meaning in the design of our cities, ensures identity guides decision-making, that social connectedness is valued equally with the connectivity of our infrastructure, and that increasing urbanity is more important than density," Moore said.

What does each element mean?

A city has its own identity if people living in it have a sense of feeling part of a community. For a city to meet the equity criteria, it has to ensure that people belonging to different demographics have equal access to facilities.

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The greenery part of the design agenda pertains to giving the community ample green spaces, while urbanity tackles creating a suitable intensity of activities and things to do to match a population's needs.

A city's mobility refers to the ability of people to walk, cycle, catch the bus and get around the city with ease.

The wellness feature focuses on spaces that encourage healthy lifestyles and reduce physical and mental health risk factors.

Lastly, the resilience factor is the ability of the city to absorb the shocks of daily life and significant events.

"These core features are still highly desirable today. By being able to assess cities using a number of core criteria, we have a unique opportunity to reset our values, and create a place we can all truly love," Moore said.

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