Sydney’s population is growing faster than expected, meaning a diversity of housing types is needed.

According to Urban Task Force Chris Johnson, Sydney’s housing supply is already 6,000 dwellings per year less than what is required annually.

This necessitates a reform at the local council level, as it is handling housing approvals.

“One solution is for the Greater Sydney Commission to establish a planning centre of excellence in each of its six districts,” said Johnson.

“The District Commissioner would work with a District Chief Planner to process applications over $20 million and drive strategic planning outcomes.”

He further pointed out that Sydney needs a diversity of housing types similar to Shanghai and other Asian cities, where there is a mix of high-rise, medium-rise and low-rise buildings.

“Sydney can learn from the booming cities of Asia including Shanghai where planning authorities have ensured infrastructure is provided to support the growing population with very fast trains, extensive metro systems, mixed-use cosmopolitan zoning, and a focus on global jobs,” said Johnson.