A study from Suburbtrends revealed the streets with the most expensive homes across Australia.

Suburbtrends identified 100 of the most expensive streets and found that more than half are in Sydney, while around a quarter are in Melbourne.

There are 10 streets each in Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast that made it to the list. Two streets in Perth were also included.

Overall, 80 streets are in capital cities and the rest are in regional areas.

Suburbtrends founder Kent Lardner said many of the top streets across the country are concentrated in and around the beaches and Sydney Harbour.

“Byron Bay and Noosa suburbs represented around 20% of the results which was rather surprising. It highlights how much wealth now sits outside of the top suburbs of the capital cities,” he said.

In analysing the streets, Suburbtrends selected those with a significant number of houses with the highest overall median prices, rather than selecting a street based on the sale of one mansion.

“This methodology has created a very different 'top streets' list representing streets with a significant number of high-priced properties and surrounded by the highest priced homes in the country" Mr Lardner said.

Top 10 Expensive Streets in Australia

The top 10 streets are all from New South Wales:

10 most expensive streets in Australia



Median Size

Median Price ($)

Hallstrom Close

Northbridge 2063

883 sqm | 5 bedrooms


Dunara Gardens

Point Piper 2027

662 sqm | 4 bedrooms


Belah Avenue

Vaucluse 2030

596 sqm | 5 bedrooms


Belah Gardens

Vaucluse 2030

571 sqm | 5 bedrooms


Beach Avenue

Vaucluse 2030

513 sqm | 4 bedrooms


Marine Parade

Byron Bay 2481

716 sqm | 5 bedrooms


John Dykes Avenue

Vaucluse 2030

583 sqm | 4 bedrooms


Parsley Road

Vaucluse 2030

839 sqm | 4 bedrooms


The Crescent

Vaucluse 2030

838 sqm | 5 bedrooms


Myall Avenue

Vaucluse 2030

569 sqm | 4 bedrooms


Top 5 Expensive Streets in Each Capital City

Here are the top 5 most expensive streets in each capital city (excluding Sydney as they are above):

Capital City

Top 5 streets


Price range: $5.41m to $5.51m

·         Grant Avenue, Toorak

·         Edzell Avenue, Toorak

·         Maxwell Court, Toorak

·         Buddle Drive, Toorak

·         Yarradale Road, Toorak


Price range: $3.6m to $3.86m

·         Eldernell Terrace, Hamilton

·         Markwell Street, Hamilton

·         Dickson Terrace, Hamilton

·         Mullens Street, Hamilton

·         Davidson Terrace, Teneriffe


Price range: $3.14m to $3.43m

·         Briar Avenue, Medindie

·         Trinity Street, College Park

·         Tregenza Close, Beaumont

·         Heywood Avenue, Unley Park

·         Douglas Street, Millswood


Price range: $4.09m to $4.78m

·         Kiln Lane, Cottesloe

·         Clarendon Street, Cottesloe

·         Nailsworth Street, Cottesloe

·         Geraldine Street, Cottesloe

·         Wattle Avenue, Dalkeith


Price range: $2.22m to $2.61m

·         Battery Square, Battery Point

·         Clarke Avenue, Battery Point

·         Marine Terrace, Battery Point

·         Secheron Road, Battery Point

·         Mona Street, Battery Point


Price range: $1.69m to $2.02m

·         Larrakeyah Terrace, Larrakeyah

·         Hickey Court, Larrakeyah

·         Perkins Court, Larrakeyah

·         Cullen Bay Crescent, Larrakeyah

·         Temira Crescent, Larrakeyah


Price range: $4.14m to $4.72m

·         Ord Street, Forrest

·         National Circuit, Forrest

·         Hobart Avenue, Forrest

·         Dampier Crescent, Forrest

·         Talbot Street, Forrest

Photo by David McBee from Pexels.