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This jam-packed issue includes:

Top 61 fastest growing rental markets

As property prices continue to surge in many suburbs across the country, rental returns are starting to fall. But there are still many areas where rents and yields are surging despite the rapid increase in values


How to use investment property to pay off your home in 10 years

Australia’s top property investment experts unveil insider strategies for how to use investment property to pay off your home within 10 years. They reveal what, where and how to buy to reap the rewards

The great population growth myth

If you think a strong population growth in an area equals an increase in property values, you've got it all wrong. Find out why and how.


How to break into the property market as a young investor

Experts tips for starting a property portfolio as a young person safely and successfully

CGT upon death: Pitfalls to watch out for

How does the ATO work out the capital gains tax obligation of a deceased estate? Kirk Wilson explains


How to choose the right ownership structure for your investment property

Top tips for picking the right ownership structure to help protect your investment while saving on tax at the same time


Investor Psychology: The cost of giving in to fear of investing

The real reasons why people hold back from investing and what can you do to empower yourself


Successful young investors

Patricia Cheah: Early starter builds$1.7m portfolio despite setbacks

Danny Stojovski: Childhood dream of replacing his income slowly becoming a reality

Tom Neivandt: How I’m building a bright future through property


The Best and the Worst suburbs

Which suburbs recorded the highest growth in median values during the past 12 months and which ones saw prices plunge?