The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) has urged owners of vacant or specialised properties to support an initiative that seeks to address the growing need for affordable homes in the state.

The “Homes for Good” program allows landlords to list affordable properties on the Home Hub platform for people in need to apply quickly and securely.

“In our current system, eligible applicants can wait up to eight years to get into suitable housing,” said Home Hub. “Over 60,000 households need social and affordable homes in WA, yet despite the overwhelming need for housing, one in six homes nationally remain underutilised. The Home Hub offers an inclusive platform with a vision to reduce wait times, make affordable housing more accessible, and benefit landlords’ bottom lines.”

“Homes for Good enables people with vacant or specialised properties an opportunity to house those in need whether it be on a short or long-term basis,” said Neville Pozzi, chief executive officer of REIWA.

“Utilising these properties which may not be in use at the moment, will make a big difference to those currently experiencing homelessness. One of the key issues for those who are vulnerable in our society is housing and by ensuring those in need have a secure place to live means they can set down the foundations they need to rebuild their lives.”

In a statement, REIWA urged owners of any vacant or available properties in WA – including houses, unused holiday homes, hotel rooms, and short-term rental properties that can be leased to those seeking shelter – to support the initiative by listing their property on the Home Hub.

“There are a few ways in which you can assist, whether it is to help provide short- or long-term support and REIWA is encouraging anyone who can help to do so,” said Pozzi.