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Development potential – the worse house in a great street!

Please see my previous blog on refinancing for an overview on what I have been trying to achieve. Mainly that my bank had a new policy in place that would not allow total loans to go over $2 million. So even with appropriate equity and serviceability I was ham strung from moving forward as my next loan would bring me just over. The past few months working with my very patient broker has seen us finding more banks have put this same policy in place in the past 12 months. We found out only after engaging with them and having valuations completed. All banks were wanting to take on my current loans however none were willing to move ahead with future loans so they were dismissed. It would have been good to know this before we engaged in the process but unfortunately as they were trying to win my business it was only after advising I would only sign on if future loans would be available that they advised they had the policy in place. Classic avoidance tactics when asked initially.

Building vs Developing


Best Reno Suburbs

The first is that they, quite simply, need to offer the promise of a profit. There’s no point renovating a property in an area where there is little opportunity to add value. If there is only a small value difference between renovated and unrenovated properties in an area, it will be a poor choice of location for picking up a property to renovate.

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