Property News Update: 26th October 2018

What's made the news this week?

Watch (or listen) as Kieran and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.


1. Australasia’s most in demand suburbs
A PROPERTY outlook report has revealed the most in demand suburbs around the country, with some surprise inclusions making the list… READ MORE

2. Tenant designed housing
A single episode of the TV show Grand Designs may be enough to deter most people from ever trying to build their own home, but town hall bosses… READ MORE

3. Victorians get creative
Brunswick is set to become a state and national leader in fashion, art and creative design with an announcement on Tuesday it will become the Brunswick Design District… READ MORE

4. Bradley’s coop in New York
Cooper purchased the property under ‘The Cool Trust’ which is run by Jeffrey Woman, who primarily services individuals in the entertainment industry… READ MORE


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