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Soaring house prices and renewed restrictions on lending might scare off first-time investors from entering the market, but an innovative new property investment option is helping investors start their property portfolio with just $15,000. 

Investn helps first-time property investors break into the market sooner and rapidly build their property portfolio. 

Property investors provide as little as $15,000 which covers purchase costs such as stamp duty and legal costs, while Investn takes care of the required deposit of up to 10% of the property's price.  

In exchange for the deposit, Investn will take a 10% co-ownership stake in the property while the individual property investors are responsible for servicing the mortgage. 

An external licensed property manager is appointed to manage the property and disburse rental income to the owners. 

Founder and CEO Scott Fraser (pictured below) has worked in the property, mortgage and financial planning space for 20 years and was led by a desire to “help people that lack deposits get into the market”. 

“Saving a deposit takes time and it slowed me down buying my first property,” he told Your Investment Property Mag. 

As house prices have skyrocketed over most of the pandemic, Scott said aspiring investors are watching their deposits shrink in value. 

“High Sydney median house prices make a long hard road for non-property owners to save enough money as a deposit to get their foot into the market,” he said. 

“We wish to educate and mentor people that there is another way to eventually end up owning a home in the suburb you desire.” 

Scott said Investn is ideal for rentvestors who are looking to maximise and grow wealth via property with limited savings or equity. 

"Investn works perfectly with rentvestors who wish to live in a location they love and invest in growth locations that they can sell one day to help buy a home in the suburb they want to live in," he said.  

The model also works for investors who are looking to rapidly create a property portfolio as they need less savings or equity.  

Investors must be employed full-time with an annual income requirement of at least $65,000 for individual buyers and $110,000 for couples. Investors should also have at least three months in their current job and possess good credit history.   

Investn has a research and acquisition team that help investors look for investment-grade properties with good cash flow in quality growth corridors through its national network of property contacts. 

Scott said Investn looks for a combination of yield and capital growth potential when searching for areas to invest in. 

"The return on cash invested for our clients easily outperforms the traditional property investment models, as our clients contribute a limited amount of money," he said. 

"For example, some buyers have put in $15,682 and had almost $5,000 in income for the property equaling a 28% return on their cash invested, plus any capital growth.” 

Scott said what makes Investn unique is that they have a vested interest to get the right property for their clients - a claim no other company can make. 

"Our focus is to have a small ownership piece of many Australian residential properties that provide diversification for our company,” he said. 

"We make money from the income and capital growth from the property with the clients that we partner with.” 

Despite only launching 12 months ago, Scott said demand has been “extremely high”. 

“At this stage, we can only cater for 10 new clients each month in the current market.” 

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