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The Australian property market has gone through an extraordinary era of growth over the past  7 years (post GFC ) but the question now remains - where do we go from here?

The recent currency devaluation by the Chinese government has sent jitters through global markets as fears grow regarding a Chinese economic downturn and the impacts this may have world-wide as China is the second largest economy in the world.

In the USA there has been an expectation of an interest rate hike by the Fed Reserve however the timing of the rate increase is becoming more uncertain causing some market apprehension.

Looking ahead:

The expectation is China will continue to have some short term volatility but longer term growth. Healthy growth is expected in USA with an interest rate increase still forecast in September but this may now possibly be pushed out from recent events & European markets are also cautious of China's present economic conditions. The Australian Economic markets are expected to have a bumpy ride as the resources boom has ended however offsetting this is the improved export & tourism industries thanks to the lower Australian dollar.

So, what this means is, in the very short term , it's likely to create a bumpy property market, however, in the medium to long term, history tells us that it will bounce back.

The Key Strategy in this volatile market is to look for alternatives like NMDData  - National Mortgagee Deceased Data

There’s a change in the cycle....

Over the past few weeks, the global stock markets would give any investor the jitters and clearly it did just that. We are currently experiencing another  volatile period in global financial history due to China's economic future uncertainty- the equities wheel has got that big wobble again.

Now history tells us that there are two wheels on our bike and the one to pedal at present is the Real Estate wheel, property in times such as these has consistently shown secure growth in the long term and has held a true course (or lack of wobble).

Here are a few points worthy of your consideration

A)           the Australian real estate landscape is changing; NMDData has experienced an upward trend in listings across all our categories this year. More to come as the economic uncertainty continues. This will offer our members an even wider range of choice and excellent investment opportunities.

B)           NMDData listings are offered to the market invariably with a mandate to sell by mortgagees in possession (commercial as well as residential). The current trend will eventually  put more pressure on mortgagees set with the task of recovering debt and costs in a thinning market – as an informed buyer you are in the driver’s seat more now than ever before.

C)           The key to success in this climate is awareness that mortgagees are prepared to negotiate and are not emotionally attached to NMD’s listed properties. It’s up to you to spot the right property and negotiate a release figure that works for you –  " the seller wants to sell ".

E)            The same principles apply to deceased estates where beneficiaries and trustees also have to compete in a diminished market with normal listed property as well as mortgagee clearances.

The market as described is real – if you have the resources or access to suitable funding now is the time to act! NMDData is the pathway.

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