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House hunting is not only about finding the right property, but the right location as well. Although real estate listings and sales data can give some information about an area, it is often generalised and limited. To get a true insight into what a suburb is like, you need to dig a little deeper and these apps may help you do that. 


This app can be handy whether you are buying a property to live in or as an investment. If you don’t know much about the area, the AroundMe app can give you an idea of what essentials and luxuries are nearby. The app will locate your position and then give you information as well as the distance to the closest shops, hospital, GP, petrol station etc. 


Although it’s important to get the important information about a location, this app goes one step further and provides information on things you may not have thought to ask about. Just enter in the location you want and Wikihood will give you a list of tourist sites, restaurants, bars, transport that can also be sorted by distance, ratings and relevance. You may also find out fun and unusual facts such as what celebrities were born there.

This app is also useful for property hunting as well as location hunting. The app allows you to search for properties and add the ones you like to a shortlist as well as add notes and photos of your own.

This app also has information on market insights and shows what other properties are selling for in this area and other areas close by. It also has a great tool called an inspection planner which helps you plan your house hunting days using the inspection date, time and directions. 

Planning Alerts

The last thing you would want when you move into a property is to be woken up at the crack of dawn by loud construction works next door. This app can help you search for any major construction or renovations that are planned for properties nearby.

The Planning Alerts website collates information from council websites and will alert you if a property has a planning application. You can also use this on the go by using the plugin for the Layar app. All you have to do is point your phone at any property and it will let you know if there are any planning applications prepared. 

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