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When applying for a home loan, lenders use a valuation to ensure the property can be used as security for the loan. This is why getting the best possible valuation is so important. 

If you wish to sell your property or use it for security to purchase another property, there are certain things you can do to help improve the valuation. Some tips include:

Immaculate presentation 

It is imperative that a property is presented in its best possible light when it is valued. How a valuer views the property on that day could end up affecting how much you are able to borrow. So, it is important you treat the valuation like an open house inspection. Ensure the front yard is immaculate and keep any clutter to an absolute minimum. 

You may find that if there is a lot of rubbish lying around or overgrown gardens, the valuer will have to take clean-up costs into account and it may reduce the value of the property. 

Use natural features to your advantage

Natural features can help make a property stand out above the rest, but if you are not using these features, it may hurt the property’s value. For example, your property may have a great view, but it’s hidden behind large, overgrown trees and bushes. 


Many home owners renovate their property in order to increase its price tag, but many get into trouble because they do not budget carefully and end up overspending. Before beginning a renovation project, you need to consider whether you will have the funds available to complete the project and whether it would add value.

One of the problems with adding on one extra room is that it does not match the rest of the house due to it being completely new or a different design and could end up not adding any extra value because it looks out of place. 

Another problem with renovations is that if the project is not completed before the valuer comes, it could hinder the final value. A valuer can only assess how a property looks on that day, not what it may look like after the renovation is completed. 

Gather recent sale information

The latest sale information of other similar properties in the area could help influence your property’s value. However, the sales will need to be from the last few months in order to give an accurate view of the current property market. 

Attend a few local auctions and also keep the brochure with information on the property so that the valuer can contact the real estate agent to check the purchase price.

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