Expert Advice with Helen Collier-Kogtevs, 04/08/2018


There’s no doubt about it: property investing is an addictive little game.

The thrill of the chase, the excitement of negotiating a ‘win’, the responsibility of providing a home to someone else: it’s an intoxicating mix.

I think that’s why all active property investors can agree that at one stage, they were bitten by the property bug.

But can you recall your biggest ‘aha’ moment?

That game-changing, life altering moment, when you learnt something new and powerful that you just knew would have a big impact on you and your future?

I can remember mine clearly.

I was attending a property seminar when the breakthrough came.

This moment actually occurred during my first ever self-development seminar and we were covering a module to do with our mindset.

That’s when I realised what was holding me back.

Suddenly it was clear that 90 per cent of the reason why I hadn’t commenced investing before was because of my negative mindset.

I believed that wealthy people were essentially not very nice, which meant I self-sabotaged my own journey (after all, why would I strive to be wealthy if I thought I would become a rude, selfish person as a result?!)

I also had a deep down belief that I needed money to make money – and since we didn’t have any to begin with, I wasn’t likely to ever have it.

Lastly, I learnt that not all debt was bad and that I could create massive wealth using someone else’s money – wow, did that blow my mind!

This seminar was my springboard into property investing and whetted my appetite and thirst for obtaining more knowledge. I wanted to understand more and more about what made property investing work and the strategies that could help me grow my wealth through real estate.

This led me to more courses and a greater understanding of how the rich create wealth and why the poor have no idea.

What I also realised was that not only is an education vital to being a successful property investor, but having someone mentor me through each stage was also extremely important to avoiding making big and costly mistakes.

I truly believe that if I hadn’t gone to that very first seminar and experienced that powerful aha moment, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So, over to you: Have you had your aha moment yet and how did it change your life?

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Happy investing!

Helen Collier-Kogtevs


Helen Collier-Kogtevs is the Managing Director of Real Wealth Australia, a leading education and mentoring company for real estate investors.  Not only is she a highly successful property investor and an educator, but also a best-selling author, and a philanthropist.


Helen is particularly passionate about helping people, especially people who are keen to create wealth and make a difference in their lives, and she has been mentoring thousands of new and experienced investors in their pursuit of wealth creation through property.


She founded Real Wealth Australia to mentor investors create wealth and financial freedom by focusing on helping them build an investment strategy to fit their individual goals, rather than focusing on one particular investing method using her successful “10 Properties in 10 Years™” system.

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