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14 things first-home buyers wish they knew before buying their first property

From saving a deposit and organising financing to finding a property and making an offer, buying a property for the first time can be a daunting task, especially in today’s hot property market where prices are rising and good housing stock moves fast.

Here’s how long it takes first home buyers to save a deposit in Australia

First-home buyers are struggling to break into Australia’s property market as 13 cash rate rises, lower borrowing capacity, tightened requirements and short property supply have made it harder than ever to save for and buy a home.

The changing landscape of pet ownership in strata apartments

In recent years, the issue of allowing pets in strata apartments has been a subject of significant debate in Australia.

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The pet-friendly laws in each Aussie state

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Proven strategies to boost rent on your investment property

How will rising interest rates affect our rental markets?

Australia’s 30 most expensive suburbs to rent revealed

What Victoria's new rental laws mean for landlords and tenants

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Selling your property with the tenant in place

Asking rents are pulling back in Sydney and Melbourne- especially in inner CBD

Australia set to become a nation of renters?

It's now much easier for tenants to have pets

Who will be the tenant of tomorrow?

15 common landlord mistakes it pays to avoid.

4 common mistakes when selecting a property manager

How to maximise your rent

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