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As a full time property advisor, my goal is to help people become successful property investors for their future financial security.  However the statistics show most investors stop after buying one property. For future financial security from property, it is a definitely a case where size matters! The larger the size of your asset base the larger your potential passive income will be.  For many property investors their goal of growing a large property portfolio never happens. I want to share how I help investors become confident to make decisions as they build a multi property portfolio.

The Beginner Investor

I spend a lot of time helping beginner investors become confident about making a  decision to start investing in property. For most beginner investors it is fear that holds them back. They have fears of not  doing enough research, of not having enough money or not enough information on the ‘how to’, ‘where to’ and ‘what to’ before buying a property. All the “what if’s” flood into their mind so they just never get around to making a decision to get started.

Instead of letting the ‘what if’s’ hold them back, I ask them to tell me what their biggest fears about investing are. What if I don’t get a tenant, what if the market crashes, what if interest rates go up? These are common concerns for beginner investors. As an experienced investor I give them the confidence and put their fears into perspective, answer their questions. Guidance from someone who has the formula for success and has the experience to show you how easy and low risk investing can be, will enable you to take that first step with confidence. All you have to do is ask for the help and before you know it you will be in the 4% category! You have one investment property. Not quite enough to retire yet!

The Intermediate Investor

Having your first property under your belt teaches you so much. With help from your property advisor you should now be more familiar with the steps in the selection process, the buying process and the ‘managing your property’ process.  Yet only 1.49% of the population takes the next step into their second third or fourth property.  What I have found is that people who have a bad investment experience with their first property are much more hesitant to invest again. Also if investors do not have a clear strategy to follow, they can get very confused with all the information out there and are paralysed and stop at one property.

To overcome the confusion and lack of time having a good property advisor and a good team (eg broker, accountant) who can help you with your strategy and a plan for overcoming any financial and personal hurdles will help to keep you moving forwards.

The Advanced Investor

To be in the 0.1% of the population who own 5+ properties, I have learnt from Ian Hosking Richards that it is all about mindset and confidence to keep taking action so you achieve your goals. Having reached a level where you understand your strategy, the process and have a good team around you, the last piece to the puzzle is how committed are you to keep taking action. Are your goals important enough for you to overcome all hurdles no matter what it takes? Are you are open to opportunities and ready to take action when they land in your lap? Having a mentor is still just as important as an advanced investor as it was in the beginning. Here is Ian’s formula for success and one that could work for you too.

(C + D) X A = OR         Committment + Dedication X Action = Outstanding Results.

If we follow that formula we can all plan to become Advanced investors in the future.

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Lindy Lear is a successful property investor who had a late start into investing, yet has grown her portfolio to eight properties in three years. She is a qualified property advisor and general manager of Rocket Property Group, and she won the Reader’s Choice Award in 2009 & 2012 for Property Investment Advisor of the Year. Lindy is passionate about helping others realise their goals through investing in property, and can be contacted at 02 8012 9669 or visit

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