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6 Reasons why you should use a buyer’s agent


In very broad terms, a buyer’s agent can use their connections to source an investment property on your behalf that fits your criteria, and then negotiate a good price for it.


Where a real estate agent typically represents the person selling the house, a buyer’s agent works as an advocate for the buyer. 


In real terms, however, a full buyers agent service is much more than that.


They can:

  1. Access properties that you would never have known about, including private sales and those properties yet to be listed.
  2. Either look for one property or a whole portfolio, depending on your position.
  3. Use their expertise to help you find properties that have promising capital growth potential.
  4. Use their experience to help you make the right decision from your shortlist.
  5. Save you time and money so you only have to look at properties that meet your criteria.
  6. Bid on your behalf at an auction and support you during the negotiation process.

At We Find Houses, property investors are encouraged to use the services of a buyer’s agent to give them an advantage in their property investing pursuits.


While some buyer’s agents simply buy properties on your behalf, we recommend looking for a service that will mentor you through the process of growing an investment portfolio and help you design property investment strategies that are right for you.


Finding the right buyer’s agent is not expensive and in the grand scheme of things, it is a negligible amount compared to what you will make as a result of working with them. As a property investor, it is a bonus to note that the services of a buyer’s agent can even be a tax deduction.


Growing a property portfolio goes way beyond just buying a property and renting it out. It incorporates:


  • Knowing the strategies you want to use
  • How to go about deciding what to buy
  • How to finance to achieve the best long term advantage
  • How to manage the property
  • How to gain the best tax advantages.

Using a buyer’s agent saves you time and money and it benefits you financially in the long term.


You may not realise that you can actually use a buyer’s agent and not pay any commission for the purchase. While the general public take it as gospel that using a buyer’s agent means paying full commission, that is not always the case. There is an alternative method of buying real estate.


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