Expert Advice with Paul Wilson 05/05/2016
With a forthcoming federal election later in the year, an unsettled feeling is permeating the property space.

Many people are nervous about proposed changes from Canberra and what they will mean for investors.

It never ceases to amaze me what a negative effect a looming election can cause. It creates a state of inactivity, with many people putting decisions on hold until the results are in.

Yes there are broader economic issues in the mix, such as talk around abolishing negative gearing and the mining industry bust, but waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get into the property market will only result in missed opportunities.

Labor’s move to curb negative gearing and capital gains taxes will pose a potential challenge to investors if the party does get into power.

But nothing will change for existing investors using this strategy, and the proposed changes won’t happen until 2017 – so what are you doing with the rest of this year?

You should make the most of the opportunity while it is still available to you.

And if the Turnbull government stays in power, you have nothing to worry about in regard to negative gearing at all.

It’s astonishing to see how many investors stop and sit on the sideline when there is talk of change.

Then as soon as an election is over, they pick up right where they left off – but in the process wasted so much time and opportunity.

You can’t hit the pause button when it comes to property investing, as only action will achieve results. Hitting the pause button when you have capacity is not a justifiable option.

You can’t control the parties’ policies; you can only control your vote. So whatever the eventual changes are, you can navigate through them.

So should you buy now? The answer will in almost every case be yes.

With the right advice, residential property investment is a proven strategy to achieve financial freedom over the long-term, regardless of elections or broader economic influencers.

Even if you’d purchased property at the height of the last market and just before the GFC, chances are you’d now be better off than when you first bought.

You just need to know where to look and how to get the best information. A sound investment property with good capital growth prospects is always a good strategy.

Don’t let an election stop you from accessing a good property investment opportunity. Inactivity will mean you miss out.

Instead, get ahead of the game and book a complimentary consultation with me.

I can help you define your strategy, find the right property and mentor you along your journey.

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Paul Wilson is an Independent Property Investing Expert and the founder of We Find Houses, Educating Property Investors & We Find Finance. Paul has been educating and coaching investors since 2001. Paul provides valuable, independent guidance and support by teaching strategies on how you can invest successfully while protecting yourself from commission hungry sales agents and property spruikers. Protect yourself with knowledge, contact Paul today for a complimentary consultation on 1800 600 890 or email

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