Buying Property Strategies - Investment Strategies

    • Increased connectivity and evolving technology has made ‘buying blind’ a more feasible prospect than ever before – but investing in a property without physically reviewing it is still a process that requires plenty of careful research. read more

    • Regional property is capturing investors’ attention as prices retract in many of the major capital cities. But before you join the throngs of buyers fleeing the metro’s borders, what are the risks to be aware of? Jacqueline So reports read more

    • Property investment is a long-term strategy in a cyclic industry. How can investors best become aware of these cycles, and what does the future hold for the Australian property market? Your Investment Property speaks to OpenCorp to find out read more

    • In the current climate, in which many properties have high price tags and gaining loan approval can be diffi cult, budget properties seem to be the perfect solution for investors. However, they come with their own challenges. read more

    • A small means for a big-minded lifestyle, tiny homes have set the agenda for both sustainable and affordable living. But with them still being recognised as less than a house, owners and investors have instrumented broader strategies – and at a time when the urban is becoming denser, and household debt is soaring higher, the relevance of their movement has become far from tiny read more

    • One secret to property success? Prioritising the types of properties that are in high demand with renters, to ensure a strong ongoing stream of income read more