Your Investment Property’s 8th Annual Reader’s Choice Awards returns with a bang with an unprecedented number of nominations from you our readers. After sifting through the record number of votes, we’re proud to reveal Australia’s most trusted property professionals as chosen by you.

When it comes to investing in property, the result of misplaced trust can be catastrophic.

Unfortunately, whenever the markets pick up, a multitude of shady self-described “experts” and dodgy advisers come crawling out of the woodwork.

Therefore, you have to be careful about who you listen to, and who you take advice from, in every part of the property investment sector. Whether you’re seeking advice from a mortgage broker, a buyer’s agent or an accountant, it’s essential that you can trust the expert in question.

This might sound obvious. But the many tales of lives shattered thanks to bad, or even fraudulent, advice attest otherwise.  But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff?

We asked for your opinions on who has helped you the most on your investment journey and who you believe deserves your trust.

You are the ultimate judge on the quality of service you received from the property professionals you’ve dealt with and your overwhelming response showed who’s delivered above and beyond their call of duty and helped you achieve your goals.

We’ve asked you to nominate your favourite experts in the five different categories including:

  • Buyer’s agent
  • Property investment advisor
  • Tax advisor
  • Mortgage broker
  • Property manager
The result showed that you value commitment, integrity and inspiration from these experts. Without exception, all our winners displayed unwavering commitment to your success as property investor.

Thank you for all your effort and contribution to this year’s Your Investment Property National Readers’ Choice Awards.

We’re hopeful that by rewarding and highlighting the good deeds of these experts that others would be inspired to do the same.

Follow the links below to see who Australian investors voted as the most trusted property professionals for 2015!

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Buyers Agent of the Year.

Mortgage Broker of the Year.

Tax Specialist of the Year.

Property Manager of the Year.