Your Investment Property’s 8th Annual Reader’s Choice Awards asked Australian property investors to nominate their favourite experts in the five different categories including:
  • Buyer’s agent
  • Property investment advisor
  • Tax advisor
  • Mortgage broker
  • Property manager

Tax Specialist of the Year 2015.

Winner: Shukri Barbara, Property Tax Specialists


 After winning last year’s title for Tax Specialist of the Year, Shukri Barbara is back to win the 2015 Tax Specialist/Accountant of the Year Award


How important is it to have a trusted property tax advisor?

Having a property tax specialist on your team of advisers will help you avoid costly mistakes throughout the journey. Having someone who is not emotionally involved to check your ideas and plans and advising you on the tax implications of your investments would enable you to make better decisions.


How can investors know they are getting good tax advice?

Maintaining the tax agent registration and membership of the two leading professional bodies CPA Australia and Tax Institute requires us to undertake constant professional development keeping abreast of changes in the law as much as developments in practice and administration of tax in Australia. Experience in life as much as technical matters help greatly.


Clients who keep coming back for support and advice every year is testimony that they are getting good advice. But when they go out of their way to nominate us as for an award such as this suggests maybe the advice they are getting is good.


How does it feel to win the award?

Not only am I honoured, but I am totally humbled by and grateful to all those who nominated me. A sincere thank you as I continue to help you succeed and achieve your goals.


 What readers said

Shukri Barbara has been my accountant for almost 10 years so far. He has extensive expertise in the areas of property investment and family trusts. I find his advice quite handy. He doesn’t limit himself to the accounting aspects of my financial situation. He takes a more holistic approach where he also considers other aspects, such as potential returns of future projects, risk management, finance needs, family and estate planning. In your typical property investment team, where you would have buyer’s agents, real estate agents, property managers, brokers, etc., normally it is your accountant the one team member that you trust the most for critical decisions. It is important to have an accountant that is familiar with all the aspects of the equation, so that you can make the most out of his advice. Shukri has helped me structure my investments, in a way that reduces tax expenses, while at the same time complying with all the regulations from ATO and the government.”

-Alex Castillo


Runner up: David Shaw, WSC Group

David Shaw’s winning streak also continued this year, returning to claim the Tax Specialist/Accountant of the Year Runner Up Award.


“It’s again a great honour to be awarded the Reader’s Choice Tax Specialist of the Year Runner Up.

Perhaps one of our biggest strengths is the fact that all of our accountants deal extensively with the property investor market so we can build up the expertise in this sector.


Here are some ways to separate the good from the mediocre accountants:

  1. Make sure that the accounting firm that you deal with has a Principal who owns their own investment properties.  I have an interest in over 30 properties and have imparted much of this knowledge to our staff.
  2. Make sure that the accounting firm has a reputation in the market place for dealing with the property investor tax areas. There are so many accountants that I come across who lack fundamental knowledge when it comes to property investment. This can lead to thousands of dollars being missed on the investor’s tax return.
  3. Make sure the accountant that you deal with is passionate about property. My motto is, ‘will this create wealth for my clients?’. This is the sort of attitude you need in your accountant.
  4. Make sure you conduct your affairs to maximize cash flow i.e. always put together a tax variation or make sure you calculate the tax benefits for self-employed clients by reducing their quarterly instalments.

What the readers said

David Shaw is an expert in the property field and has an in depth knowledge of the tax implications of owning rental properties, property development and owning property in different structures. David has integrity and is honest as the day is long. I have known David for a number of years and would recommend his services to anyone with a property portfolio and looking to generate wealth in a tax effective manner.

-Daniel Wilkie

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