The New South Wales government is set to introduce a regulatory framework around short-term rental accommodation (STRA), according to a report from Property Observer.

In June, the NSW government put a 180-day cap on the number of empty days properties can be rented out by Airbnb in Sydney. It also gave strata corporations the power to ban Airbnb in their buildings if 75% of the owners seek the ban, according to the report.

The government is now set to implement a new regulatory framework within the year, including a mandatory code of conduct, new planning instruments, and a possible register of all STRA properties, the report said.

Hosts, guests, neighbours, industry associations, or booking platforms are encouraged to have their say about the framework while the consultation is still open, according to Kevin Anderson, minister for better regulation.

“The mandatory Code of Conduct will facilitate oversight of STRA providers, including providing for the resolution of complaints and disputes regarding the conduct of hosts and guests,” Anderson said.

Hosts or guests that commit two serious breaches of conduct within two years will face a five-year ban, Property Observer reported.

Platforms and letting agents will also be prohibited from offering service to any person or dwelling listed on the exclusion register, the report said.

A strike will include any unreasonable behaviour that interferes with a neighbour’s quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their home, according to the report.

“Under the code, all participants will be required to act honestly and in good faith and comply with directions and requests from the commissioner for fair trading,” Anderson said.

The proposal aims to make the industry responsible for funding, developing, and administering the register with a system that applies to all STRA properties, including those let through online booking platforms, he said.