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Brace for rate rises

While Australian property investors have enjoyed significantly low interest rates for several years now, their happy run might soon be over. With the Reserve Bank keeping rates on hold over recent months, experts are increasingly pointing to likely rate hikes in the near future.

When cash flow hurts

Properties that generate a high cash flow are in significant demand. However, investors may fail to consider the downsides of positive cash flow investments – yes, they do exist – which can turn a cash flow gold mine into a bottomless pit. Jacqueline So reports

Tapping Into Property Equity

Accessing property equity is not just important, it’s absolutely essential if you wish to grow your portfolio beyond more than one or two assets. Michael Beresford reveals how you can tap into your equity to fund further property purchases in an uncertain mortgage market.

Why investing in property can fast track your child’s financial future.

Mortgage Tips to Make Your Money Work Harder

9 surprisingly effective ways to get your investment loan approved despite the APRA crackdown.

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Equity: Access it or lose it

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