'My Favourite Investment' with Paul Wilson

By Pauline Hatch | 13 Feb 2017
Paul Wilson has spent more than 15 years coaching property investors through his business, We Find Houses, to build their wealth. But for this accredited property investment advisor, his best investment has nothing to do with real estate and everything to do with his family and the people around him.

How long have you been investing in property?
I’ve been investing for 26 years. My initial start in property was a baptism of fire; at 23, we purchased land in Sydney to build a duplex pair in a prime location.

Unfortunately, at this time the council was not effectively managing local builders, and when we presented our higher-quality option we were an easy target for the council to make an example of in what was an election year. Being young and ambitious and on principle alone, we took the council to court and won!

But as life has a habit of doing, nothing always goes to plan and the breakdown of my first marriage necessitated me hitting the reset button. When you do this, although you can lose your money and your properties, nobody can take away your experience. I used my knowledge and passion for helping others to benefit family and friends who were also looking to invest in property, and based on the success of these endeavours, I ultimately founded We Find Houses in 2001.

What is your favourite investment to date and why?
Being an accredited property investment advisor, buyer’s agent and investor are all areas that I am passionate about and find immensely rewarding. If I were to look at life more globally, however, I really believe the greatest investments you can ever make are in your own growth, being present for your family as well as for all the other people who you have the fortune of interacting with as you journey through life. These investments of being authentic and true to yourself, investing in others by giving them your time and treating them with respect and dignity, lay a foundation that can truly stand the test of time. Those are the investments that really do deliver perpetual results, regardless of the market conditions.

What has this investment allowed you to do?
I am a father of five wonderful kids, I have a very supportive wife, and while also having experienced a fair amount of adversity and challenges along the way, my attitude towards others and my values have enabled me to experience great successes in life and business. I have rock-solid connections with my family, while also building a thriving business and property portfolio that enables me to continue to meet the most amazing people, who themselves also have incredible life stories.

What is your ultimate goal as a property investor?
I will continue to invest in property from a personal perspective so that my wife and I, and ultimately our children, can continue to enjoy the peace of mind and lifestyle that is a direct result of having financial security. I will also, through my business, continue to coach and mentor other property investors who seek to shortcut their learning curve and fast-track their own results. If I can help guide more people to become financially secure through property investment, so they can make a greater contribution in their own circles of influence, then I will feel I have been ultimately successful in life as a person and as an investor.

Top Suburbs : lalor park , revesby hts , east victoria park , narara , murdoch


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