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How to identify and plan for a property boom

When a location enters a slump, an investor may find themselves reaching for the closest exit. But while the market can be unpredictable at large, and volatile in character, there’s also its constantly changing tune to consider.

Should Australians consider investing in U.S. property?

Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has had a devastating impact on Australian society. Small businesses are on their knees, companies have slashed jobs, a battle between renters and landlords looms large and essential grocery items have been in short supply.

Visualising the impact of COVID-19 on the Australian property market

In recent weeks several leading real estate bodies published detailed assessments of the COVID-19 impact on the Australian property market. The consensus is that, although the sales activity has significantly decreased, it is too early to conclude whether the property prices have been impacted. Based on current data, median prices remain steady despite the restrictions imposed on the real estate industry and the general recessional trends in the economy.

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A formula for success

A simple formula for property investing success

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Maximising benefits, minimising mistakes

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Investor of the Year Awards 2020

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Top 150 suburbs for 2020

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