Suburb Profile Report for Ivanhoe VIC (3079)

Ivanhoe House: Median price $1,550,500, Annual capital growth 5.28%, Number of sales 80, Weekly median advertised rent $665

Ivanhoe Unit: Median price $635,000, Annual capital growth 2.52%, Number of sales 105, Weekly median advertised rent $455

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Source: CoreLogic RP Data
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Source: Monthly data update for Jun 2020 as supplied by CoreLogic. Data is reported to the period ending Mar 2020. Please note that property sales data is routinely updated, so may change retrospectively.

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Ivanhoe, 3079 ranked 59th in VIC when comparing growth in median property values or capital gain over the last 12 months. Ivanhoe is one of 2099 in our list for VIC

Across a shorter period, Ivanhoe, 3079 has seen a median price increase of -3.09% over the last quarter.

The most recent median price for Ivanhoe is $1550500, with sellers offering an average of -3.07% off the asking price.

Often selling an investment property can take time, and in Ivanhoe the average time real estate has been on the market is 47.0882 days.

Ivanhoe has had a A very good year for property investment returns compared to the rest of VIC, giving investors a capital gain of 17.59% to date .

The five-year average increase in median property values for Ivanhoe,3079 has given property investors a potential capital gain of 14.41% across each of those five years.

Ivanhoe, 3079 is offering VIC ‘s 239th most discounted properties when looking at the average discount being offered by vendors. This puts it in the bottom 10% of discounts offered by this VIC.

Using the current median advertised rental of $455 and the average annual increase in value of a median property of 2.52%, investors should hope to achieve an overall return of 3.73%

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Located 10km north east of Melbourne, Ivanhoe is a typically affluent leafy suburb of Melbourne. With the post office first opening in 1874, Ivanhoe has a long history, and as such retains some of Melbourne’s grandest properties.
Ivanhoe offers some of Melbourne’s most exclusive private schools, Ivanhoe Grammar and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar schools. 
Ivanhoe is well known for the Christmas light display held along Ivanhoe’s The Boulevard.
Also recognisable in Ivanhoe is ‘The Centre Ivanhoe’, an Art Deco former town hall, with a clock tower visible from some distance. 
At number 644th in the list of Australian suburbs ordered by increase in median house value over the last year, Ivanhoe, 3079 is in the top 20% with a property value increase of 8.84% recorded in median house prices.
Over the longer term, Ivanhoe has seen property prices show investors a 2.55% return over the last 3 years. This is an improvement over the last 12 months.
The most recent median price for Ivanhoe is $985000, with sellers offering an average of -12.86% off the asking price.
With the median price for a house in Ivanhoe being $985000 and the advertised rent reaching $450 the gross rental yield for property investors calculates out to be 2.38%
Selling points: 
Local schools and amenities including Ivanhoe Grammar School and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School.
Access to the Austin Hospital and LaTrobe University. 
Ease of access to Melbourne CBD.  
Most sought-after properties: 
Quality existing property with high end finishes on larger blocks. 
Most common properties:  
Quality existing property on large parcels of land. 
Top amenities: 
Upper Heidelberg Road shopping strip including restaurants, fashion stores, and many fine cafes. 
Local industry and business:
Zanetti’s Café Bar & Restaurant
Barrio Restaurant
Thai Lantern Restaurant
Recent changes: 
Some high end town houses are becoming available as older properties are subdivided.  
Best streets: 
The Boulevard
Any of the smaller streets between Upper Heidelberg Road and Studley Road
Public transport: 
Ivanhoe Train Station
Bus Services
Main arteries: 
Upper Heidelberg Road leading into Heidelberg Road
Metrics i HOUSE UNIT
$1,550,500 $635,000
-3.09% -0.08%
17.46% 17.59%
5.28% 2.52%
$665 $455
80 105
2.23% 3.73%
47.0882352941177 59.6071428571429

Source: Monthly data update for Jun 2020 as supplied by CoreLogic. Data is reported to the period ending Mar 2020. Please note that property sales data is routinely updated, so may change retrospectively.

DSR Score for property investment : Good (H), Above average (U)
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Total population 11085
Median household income ($/weekly) 1599
Median age of persons 38
Median housing loan repayment ($/monthly) 2167
Average household size 2.5
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    5-14 years 1372 12.4
    25-34 years 1507 13.6
    35-44 years 1674 15.1
    45-54 years 1690 15.2
    55-64 years 1384 12.5
    Others 3459 31.2
    Age Group
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Registered Married 4088 48.6
    Not Married 3647 43.3
    Defacto Relationship 685 8.1
    Social Marital Status
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Australia 7881 74.0
    Croatia 314 2.9
    Japan 268 2.5
    United Kingdom 401 3.8
    Other 422 4.0
    Others 1361 12.8
    Country of Birth
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Buddhism 241 2.4
    Christianity 6172 60.7
    Hinduism 175 1.7
    Islam 114 1.1
    No Religion 3359 33.1
    Others 102 1.0
    Religious Affiliation
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    $400-$599 288 7.5
    $1,500-$1,999 437 11.4
    $2,000-$2,499 352 9.2
    $2,500-$2,999 458 12.0
    $3,000-$3,499 317 8.3
    Others 1979 51.7
    Gross Household Income (Weekly)
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Employed, worked full-time 3560 40.8
    Not in the labour force 2694 30.9
    Employed, worked part-time 1915 22.0
    Employed, away from work 283 3.2
    Unemployed, looking for work 268 3.1
    Person Characteristics
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Managers 883 15.3
    Professionals 2224 38.6
    Technicians & trades workers 450 7.8
    Clerical & administrative workers 846 14.7
    Sales 476 8.3
    Others 879 15.3
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Pre-school 200 6.6
    Infants/Primary 909 30.1
    Secondary 794 26.3
    Technical or Further Educational Institution 168 5.6
    University or other Tertiary Institutions 847 28.0
    Others 102 3.4
    Type of Educational Institution Attending
  • Census Count Percent(%)
    Separate house 7485 71.3
    Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse 1634 15.6
    Flat, unit or apartment 1362 13.0
    House or flat attached to a shop, office 15 0.1
    Caravan, cabin, houseboat 0 0.0
    Others 0 0.0
    Dwelling Structure
    Census Count Percent(%)
    Fully owned 1564 37.8
    Rented 1286 31.1
    Being purchased 1256 30.3
    Other tenure type 34 0.8
    Tenure Type
Census 2011, ABS
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