Victoria Market Reports

    • Despite the bad press they’ve been getting, Melbourne’s outer suburbs harbour hidden pockets of investment potential. read more

    • Inner Melbourne’s oversupply is becoming chronic, with the Reserve Bank of Australia taking the unusual step of warning investors of ongoing weakness. Critical projects such as the Regional Rail Link and the development of Western Port are in influencing areas at a distance from the capital, and this is where the best investment opportunities will be found. It will be worth keeping an eye on any infrastructure development related to the Kipper Tuna Turrum project. read more

    • With the next growth point projected, strategic investors have the rare chance to time their entry into the market so that they can buy just before Melbourne starts growing again. If there is anything the last 10 years of property price movements have shown, it is that affordable opportunities don’t last. This should give anyone interested in investing in Melbourne pause for thought. read more