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Used to be a holiday place for people that lived in Brisbane, because for those of you that have been to Brisbane you will understand that the beaches aren’t the best there.  If you want a beach holiday in Queensland close to Brisbane, you are going to the Gold Coast or the Sunshine coast.  But if you didn’t want to travel all that way, then certainly beaches on the Redcliffe Peninsula would be a good option and Margate is one of those beach side suburbs.  It’s about 35 to 40 minutes from the CBD, but it’s just being brought close to the CBD in the last few months with the completion of the Hornibrook bridge, the second bridge over Bramble Bay.  Beautiful beach, great infrastructure, it’s got schools, it’s got shopping.  
The only form of public transport at the moment is a bus, but there is plans for a train to stop at Redcliffe, which is a neighbouring suburb of Margate, but that could be many years away, but certainly there are regular bus services to Margate.  Some lovely old style homes which are ideal for renovation or there is also low set homes and other sorts of high set homes.  So there is a real mixture of housing in the seaside suburb of Margate.
Why buy in this suburb?
Margate is one of Brisbane’s cheapest seaside suburbs, so very affordable to get in there.  For those people looking for renovation, it’s a good spot but you need to pick the older style properties because they are ones that are going to reap you the most profit.  Also development opportunities as you can see just by driving through.  You see a lot of old houses being knocked down and two being built in their place or at the other end of the scale, you’ve got developers building high rise luxury apartments.  So all good signs that Margate is moving ahead.  The building of the next bridge has certainly added interest to not only Margate but also other suburbs on that Redcliffe Peninsula and with a lot of government money planned to be spent in neighbouring Redcliffe, then Margate will certainly benefit from that.
Best streets to buy in
The best part of Margate is east side of Oxley Avenue.  Oxley Avenue was one of the main roads, right along the Redcliffe Peninsula, but it certainly goes through Margate.  The closer you can get to the beach, the better off you are going to be for capital growth.  There is more demand for properties closer to the beach.  In particular if you can get a view of the beach, that’s just an added bonus.
Streets to avoid
The worst streets to not buy residential property on, commercial property is a different question.  But as far as residential property is concerned, Oxley Avenue, Victoria Avenue and Macdonell street as they are the three main streets through Margate.
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