Investing a well-performing property is one thing, but knowing how to bolster the cash flow that is being generated by your investment properties is quite another – and as property investing coach and director of The Property Bloke, Wayne Jessup, shares, “the way the market is headed right now, you need to be creative”.

In this video, The Property Bloke sits down with Your Investment Property magazine editor Sarah Megginson to help investors become aware of some of the more creative ways in which they can approach investment opportunities, and ultimately uncover the fuller potential of their properties.

“You need to manufacture your own capital growth and you need to be creative in the sort of investment you choose,” he says of market conditions in 2020.

Jessup also puts ‘rentvesting’ on the agenda and discusses whether it will be a rising trend in the coming months.

“I’m a big believer in renting where you want to live and also continuing to invest, so you know you have something to fall back on,” he says.

Being creative means keeping up with what is driving demand, one of which at the moment is “affordable housing”, he adds.

“Room-sharing is a big one nowadays where everyone is moving into that to collect some cash flow,” Jessup says.

This could involve, for instance, buying a large how and structurally altering it to all several people to live in their own private, locked rooms, with central eating and living areas.

Looking at the ways in which a property can be slightly to allow for it to be sub-divided can be a significant driver of profit also, he shares.

“You can turn your property from a 600 to 1000 square meter block and cut it in half and subdivide it for profit,” he explains.

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