How to avoid the common mistakes property investors make

The more you know about the most common mistakes that investors make, the better your likelihood of building lasting wealth.

In a series of short 3 minute videos, Ahmad Imam and I discuss the common mistakes we’ve seen investors make.

Unfortunately, we know most property investors fail. 20% of those who get into property investment sell up in the first year and around 50% have sold their investment property within 5 years.

Of those who stay in the game less than 10% own more than 2 properties and 1 in 200 own six or more properties.

So, let’s start this video series with a big picture overview of where property investors get it wrong…

Some of the points discussed:-

Most property investors fail to develop the financial freedom they deserve
They buy the wrong properties, get the wrong finance, don’t protect their risks, or don’t review their portfolio
Many investors don’t have a plan or strategy, others have the wrong strategy
Many buy emotionally — near where they live, want to retire, holiday, or they fall in love
Strategic investors review their portfolio annually
There are always risks with investing — but there is a bigger risk of not doing anything to protect your future
Often the biggest risks is what’s left when you think you’ve got all the risks covered — you the investor
Risks you to need to consider -
                                            - Interest rate risks
                                            - Market risks — cycles insurance, buffers good team, right structures
                                            - An x factor

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