Duane Robinson

A professional photographer and now avid renovator, Duane has made fast work of starting small. His first purchases were nicknamed ‘El Cheapo’ and ‘El Dumpo’, but he’s moved on to bigger projects as he and his father/investment partner explore joint venture and development projects. From his home base in Sydney’s Maroubra, he splits his time between eyeing photos and property deals.

  • I cant believe it but we’ve finished the kitchen renovation in Ettalong Beach! Total days on the job – 12 days, spread over 2 months due to the inconvenience of “normal” work. read more

  • It’s a weird thing this property investing - sometimes you feel like you’re peacefully gliding down a calm river, then its “hold on tight, stuff’s about to get hectic read more

  • Regional NSW: where the men are men and the women drive utes. So I was back at the property because we had a tenant move out. Sadly it was left it in a bit of a state. It needed a general clean up - carpet steam clean, a run to the tip, pest exterminator, and a few minor holes in walls to be fixed up read more

  • As I write this blog coincidentally I’m back sitting in the first of 5 Investment Properties. This property was purchased in August of 2011. Wow a lot’s happened in a year! Rewind to March 2011 when I took a trip to Dubbo in search of my first IP. read more