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Australian property industry

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Why Brisbane is named the next big property market in 2015

The Australian property industry has lately been paying unusual attention to Queensland. Brisbane in particular, is finding itself at the centre of heightened interest from property buyers in part because investors from Sydney and Melbourne see more affordable value, and it is expected to be Australia’s most vibrant real estate market in 2015.

For example, Queensland is set to replace Victoria as the state with the highest property capital gains in Australia,according to the latest Residential Property Survey by the National Australia Bank. And the state is expected to stay on top of the pile for at least the next two years.

Not surprisingly, industry analysts are touting Queensland’s real estate crown jewel,Brisbane, as the place that will lead the boom. Nine Brisbane areas,in particular, stand out: Chermside, Nundah, Nerang, Helensvale, Logan, Coorparoo, Kelvin Grove, Redcliffe and Ipswich.Together, these are expected to be among the best real estate investment hubs of 2015.

But what, exactly, is the big deal about Brisbane?

Brisbane Real Estate Market Boom

Themain reason behind the super projections for the Brisbane property market is the usual suspect: economic growth coupled with big infrastructure projects. According to Deloitte Access Economics projections, for instance, Queensland is set to hit a 5% growth rate in 2015, becoming the fastest growing state in Australia.

Three factors are causing all this excitement. First is that contracted gas exports will begin flowing from Gladstone later this year, balancing out the effect of falling coal prices. At the same time, tourism is picking up nicely, thanks in part to a lower Australian dollar. Best of all for real estate investors, low interest rates.

But, this being the property business, it is not enough to know which state or city is shaping up to be the next big thing. You need to know where, exactly, the party is going to go down. In other words, what locations in Brisbane are likely to perform and why?

Six Strong Real Estate Locations in Brisbane

The most attractive properties in Brisbane – those most likely to give highest return on investment – are those with the best balance of the usual real estate factors. That includes location advantages, infrastructure, amenities, employment hubs and property availability. Here’s our list of 6 great picks:

1. Chermside/Nundah: These twoareas are located about 12.5Kms from Brisbane. The northern suburbs are attractive real estate locations because of their mix of affordable properties, a concentration of middle class customers and good transport links. Chermside and Nundahalso benefit from proximity to the Brisbane Airport and Port of Brisbane.

2. Ipswich: Located 39kms South-Westof Brisbane, Ipswich was already a promising property investment marketbefore the rest of Australia caught on. The area has a strong economy, several employment hubs and a good supply of affordable properties. But Ipswichis now set to join the big league of property development because of the big projects coming up in the area. The big ones: the $12 billion Springfield project, the $2.8 billion Ipswich motorway upgrade, and the $1.5 billion Springfield rail link. Even the local RAAF base is set for expansion. Remember though, Ipswich is earlier in its development cycle that some of the other areas mentioned here.

3. Logan: Logan City, which lies midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, has been popular with those seeking yield, offering anaverage of 5-6% per year – andaffordable property prices. While there are no major projects coming up in the area, the combination of easy proximity to Brisbane and the Gold Coast and the high yields are likely to continue to attract owner-occupiers and investors.

4. Kelvin Grove: Proximity and tenant demand are the selling points of Kelvin Grove. It is just 3Kms North-East of of Brisbane, in easy proximity to Queensland University of Technology and Royal Brisbane Hospital. But it is set to benefit significantly from the construction of $1.5 billion Legacy Way tunnel, the Inner Northern Busway and the Inner City Bypass. One of the stops on this route is to be constructed in Kelvin Grove.

5. Redcliffe: The RedcliffePeninsula is about 28 kilometresNorth-East of Brisbane, in an area of historically slow property development because of aweak transport link to Brisbane.Still, property values in Redcliffe have been on the upswing over the last few years as investors anticipate the approval of the promised electric rail link to Brisbane. A little more blue sky than the other areas, however, large returns could be made here.

6. Helensvale: Located about 63Kms South-East of Brisbane, Helensvale is ideally located between two strong growth areas – Logan City and Gold Coast City – and close two other stable, family-friendly suburbs, Nerang and Coomera. This strategic location is now set to get a boost with the linking of the Helensville Railway Station with the two most important transport routes on the Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Highway and the Pacific Motorway.

There are, of course, other suburbs and outskirts of Brisbane that are likely ride the crest of the expected real estate boom. These are further out and for those comfortable with a location further from a capital city.

Which means that, as always, investors will still have to invest in detailed research onspecific locations beforesinking money into Brisbane. Consult a search specialist or a property mentor to save you time and get you invested ahead of your competition.The overall picture is however clear: watch out for Brisbane in 2015.
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