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Difficult Tenants

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Fluffy | 31 Oct 2015, 01:40 PM Agree 0
I have a rental property in Tasmania which I am trying to sell at the moment. As a landlord I have never said no to any of their requests, I have always fixed what they have requested etc. Now that I am selling the house, the tenants have denied open homes and photos taken inside which I understand they are allowed to do. The female has stated that she has a reaction to chemicals i.e hair spray, perfume etc and doesn't want people through that "smell". She does wear a mask HOWEVER she pokes a hole in it so she can smoke! No chemicals in a cigarette apparently. The property also has a pool with chemicals in it which she swims in - chlorine is fine also apparently. My agent turned up this morning after giving over 48 hours written notice that was hand delivered to show a couple through. The tenants denied her access saying that she "smelled". They were rude and hostile in front of the potential buyer. They then showed the couple through the house themselves and we have no idea of what was said. The tenants have stated they would like to break the lease which expires in April 2016 which I have said is fine WHEN the house is sold. They have gone out of their way to deny access, deny receiving written notices, hand delivered notices, forgetting, cancelling etc. I have been told that their strategy is to be as difficult as possible so I throw them out. I can't afford to do this as I rely on the rent to pay a mortgage. I believed it was a fair trade to release them once the house is sold and the sooner the house is sold, the sooner they can move out. Any advice on how to either get them to co-operate or how to beat them at their own game.
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