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Ending fixed term lease agreement

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bennie | 21 Sep 2014, 11:28 AM Agree 0
Hi All

We have investment property in QLD, with tenants on a 12month fixed term lease ending shortly. Tenants are okay a bit messy and we have requested that they tidy the garden a few times, and we have breached them for allowing cat to pee all over the house, but other than that they pay on time. We have also addressed any maintenance issues they have requested in a timeous manner (although the house is quite new so there aren't many). We have given them 3 months notice before end of lease period (I believe the legal requirement is 2months) that the lease will not be renewed (haven't specified a reason and we don't believe we have to). They are now taking us to court saying its retaliation and it doesn't suit them and they want a periodic lease so they can have enough time to find something else and we have to pay all their moving costs ???? I'm wondering why they think they have any chance of winning this ? Under what circumstances would a judge rule they are entitled to stay until it suits them to leave ? Any help would be appreciated
  • Claire Horrocks | 18 Feb 2015, 11:08 AM Agree 0
    Hi Bennie,

    I see your post was back in September but I've just joined the forum and see that you didnt get a reply.

    Are you still having trouble with your tenants? I would be happy to offer you some advice if needed.

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