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Here is what you might yet to know about property investing, that created a $10m portfolio in 5 years.

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Yong | 13 Mar 2019, 04:59 PM Agree 0
Hey Guys,

My name is Yong, and I am a wealth creation coach who is always fascinated with the property game.

Me and my wife, we started our very first investment property back in April 2014. And that was an off-the-planet property in Penrith NSW. I still remember vividly how we were so excited about owning our first property ever, while there was also a bit anxious about where this journey is leading us to, because all we had at the time, were $24,000 saving in the bank, and a burning desire for a great life we know we deserved...

Since then, we never have gone back even there had been some up and downs in the ride(just like anything in life); we constantly look for new opportunity and we become more knowledgable and sophisticated along the way, as we keep learning and practicing different strategies with a growth mindset. We were hungry. lol

Today, we own a property portfolio Australian wide that worth $9.3m, with an overall LVR of just below 60%. And the annual growth rate for our portfolio is sitting at 8.7% presently. This portfolio alone is generating a total annual income of $240,000 approx. each year.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Well here is my personal message to all our investor fellows. Despite all the negative rumors and whatever statistic might be showing out there. The truth is, there is always a way to make a good profit out of this game called property. Whether it is through a quick flip, a subdivision, Airbnb or JV with a partner, etc. What it matters the most is NOT to sit back and choose to be at the effect of what might be happening out there. If we imagine now, out of all kind of risks, would you agree that perhaps the No.1 risk is not to take one? because it is a guaranteed loose, isn't it?

Perhaps if we start to pay more attention to where we are now, and what is something that is reasonable that we want to achieve in a given time frame, plus notices the gap of what it takes to get there. And all there to remain is just to find the appropriate strategy and resources to fill the gap, with a strategic plan and execution to take it home.

Trust this will help in one way or another. Happy to share more in this context. :)

P.S. Happy investing and Go beyond!

Your Friend,
  • JC | 07 Apr 2019, 04:14 PM Agree 0
    Hi Yong,

    Thanks for sharing your journey. Congrats on the achievement, all that in 5 years! Wow.

    We are well on our way - portfolio is worth approx. $3.5m spanning 5 properties including own home. Started in Sept. 2015, which was off the plan, but really took more than a year to settle and rent. 2 in VIC and 2 in QLD, plus owner occupier in Melbourne. They are all 'buy and hold' strategy although I am exploring other options too.

    Over the next few years the plan is to acquire a few more and the dream is to hit the $10m mark.

    I'm keen to seek your advice and learn more about your investments to help accelerate my portfolio.

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