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Neighbor Tennent diputes

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Renaee | 05 Sep 2018, 05:18 AM Agree 0
My Tennent and neighbor have had some issues , the neighbor has complained to shire about a wide range of things to which the shire has responded on something’s and those issues have been adhered to. Any others the shire has responded that Tennent is not breaking any residential bylaws. However neighbor is still not satisfied and is demanding that we terminate agreement or impose restrictions on the way the Tennent lives. Or they will sue us we are the property owners. The Tennent has always paid rent on time and looked after the property well. The neighbor has always been difficult I have told the neighbor that I can’t be responsible for issues that they have with the Tennent I can’t tell the Tennent how to live there lives if they aren’t breaking any laws or bylaws. However I get abusive text regularly if they have an issue. They seam to believe that I am responsible for whatever there issues even though there complaints have been dismissed by the shire as Tennent is not found at fault .Can they sue me for Tennent disputes
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