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Property Investment courses

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louisecatherine | 22 Jan 2015, 06:25 PM Agree 0
Over the past 5 years we have attended a series of property investment seminars, and seen a few advisors and agents (whilst also doing our own private research through open houses, online and via magazines etc). And have found that almost all have a hidden agenda or a product to push. We are interested in attending a property investment course/seminar that is not linked with company/developer, does anyone have any recommendations?

  • Sil | 12 Feb 2015, 07:18 PM Agree 0
    Hi there, my advice would be: read as much as you can, choose well after doing some research but start small, and DON"T pay for any courses, or commissions unless you really want to go a buyers agent to do the work for you. Choose your own accountant and solicitor that you can trust.

    We joined REIN (Real Estate Investors Network) in 2003. The meetings were always free, and the advice good. We were attracted by the fact that there were never any fees, individual meetings to check our finances were also free, twice yearly meetings with important speakers were always well catered for, people were always on hand to talk to us and they introduced us to reputable accountant,s solicitors and mortgage brokers who specialised in property investment.

    HOWEVER, and here's the catch, they did sell properties. They were, of course, linked to developers. In our naivety, we were dazzled by the free knowledge and "education" - which in hindsight was quite basic - and the "guaranteed 2 year rental returns".

    While there were no rip-offs as such, what we did learn the hard way is that nothing is ever free, and the well located apartment that ticked ALL the boxes, i.e. excellent location near infrastructure, schools, shopping centres, less than 10kms from city, etc, etc., has taken 11 years to gain some capital growth. We would only just make a profit now because of the current market and low interest rates.

    While we also learnt about good and bad debt and the benefits of buying new to get all the tax incentives, we were encouraged to borrow 110% of the value of the property, not being told at the time that the broker would get his trailer commission for the life of loan - the higher the loan, the better for him! and that did not work for us, especially when the guaranteed rent went backwards, interest rates rose, and we were stuck with a huge mortgage.

    Despite it all, we stuck with it because if we had sold, we would have lost too much.

    In all honesty, stay away from all courses. EVERYONE has something TO SELL. And whatever "free" advice there is, the "educator" gets a kick back in some way which is ALWAYS added to the price of the property, OR you pay through commissions. Fair enough, no one works for nothing, but disclosure is of the essence here, so ask questions.

    We have bought a couple of units on our own and have done much better with these than with the one sold through REIN. In the end, it comes down to basics, what you can afford, and miracles will never happen.
  • Louise | 12 Feb 2015, 07:55 PM Agree 0
    Thanks for your advice. That has definitely been our gut instinct and why we have stayed away (as much as possible) from buying through companies till this point (3 through our own work and 1 through a property advisor) We too have had lots of hurdles with the property via the advisor despite it ticking all the right boxes. I suppose we were hoping for some advice on how to increase our portfolio, and ensure our investments will fund our retirement. we have definitely learnt a lot to this point (and have made some mistakes along the way) but feel while we are in good position for our age, we need to step up our approach to ensure we reach our goals.

    will keep reading:)
  • BenHutchison | 20 Jun 2015, 08:32 PM Agree 0
    There are all kinds of “get started in property” programs on provide, with different levels of authenticity. While some are excellent, others claim out-of-date techniques or are available only to upsell their victims to more and more costly courses.
    I’d love to see a course that gives a real summary of the benefits and drawbacks of different residence financial commitment choices, rather than advertising only one strategy.
  • nickg198 | 03 May 2016, 08:31 PM Agree 0
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