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Getting hot spots wrong Jeremy Sheppard

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) publishes a report listing the top residential property markets around Australia which they call “Hot Spots”. But they are not hot spots for investors. On the contrary, investors should probably avoid these locations. read more

  • Ahmad Imam Ahmad Imam
    9 things you must check before you buy
  • Tyron Hyde Tyron Hyde
    Launch of the National Depreciation Register in Australia
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Investment Strategies

There is a breed of savvy investors spending up big on property. What’s their secret? Do they have a magic ball? The answer is no, they simply know how to read the property cycle better than most and aim to invest at the bottom of the cycle. read more

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Will we have to pay stamp duty for the titles of the properties to be changed to our names, or are there exemptions available for inherited properties? read more