2019 Property Investor Awards

2019 Property Investor Awards

HERE’S THE THING about building a property portfolio and having success as an investor: you can’t do it on your own. The wealthiest real estate owners know that you can’t know everything yourself, so to achieve the best results you have to assemble a team of the best operators around you.

Earlier this year, Your Investment Property invited nominations for the second annual Property Investors Awards, which shine the spotlight on the best in the business.

The categories include agents, brokers, advisors, property managers, stylists and other specialist professions adjacent to real estate, all of whom help property buyers navigate the complex waters of investment.

Businesses were invited to submit entries directly, and our independent panel of judges – comprised of respected industry experts – were tasked with the tough job of reviewing these entries to come up with our shortlist and ultimate winners.

The Property Investors Awards seek to establish a benchmark for excellence in the industry, allowing investors to reference Australia’s top performers and what they’re doing right.

And now, we are proud to present the finalists and winners of the 2019 Property Investors Awards. Congratulations to everyone!



Buyer's Agent:-

  • Cate Bakos Propery
  • House Finder
  • Hunter James Buyers Agents *WINNER (see profile below)
  • Patrick Leo
  • propertybuyer
  • Rethink Investing


  • AR Developments
  • Choice Homes *WINNER (see profile below)
  • Perpetual Projects

Mortgage Brokerage:-

  • All R Loans
  • BF Money
  • eLINK Finance
  • iChoice
  • Deb Smith [Smartline]
  • Zippy Financial *WINNER (see profile below)

Property Management:-

  • ACTIVE Property Services
  • Advantage Property Management
  • ARIA Living
  • Blackbird and Finch
  • Rental Results *WINNER (see profile below)

Property Advisor:-

  • Caifu Property *JOINT WINNER (see profile below)
  • DPN
  • Momentum Wealth
  • Empower Wealth *JOINT WINNER (see profile below)
  • Metropole Property Strategists
  • OpenCorp

Property Stylist:-

  • 3 Pea's Property Styling *WINNER (see profile below)
  • Majestic Home Styling
  • Chez B Property Styling

Renovation Services:-

  • Naomi Findlay Pty Ltd *WINNER (see profile below)
  • Renovating Made Easy
  • Refurn 4 Profit

Tax and Depreciation:-

  • BMT Tax Depreciation
  • MCG Quantity Surveyors
  • Washington Brown *WINNER (see profile below)
  • WSC Group