Alongside co-creator Tim Fung, Jonathan Lui has watched his Airtasker app take off. Now he’s back at work – this time focusing on the property market with the app Soho.


Purchase of first property: 2009

Favourite investment: His startups, Airtasker and Soho

Milestone: Airtasker has processed $90m in task transactions

Lui is a property investor himself, having purchased his first piece of real estate in Barangaroo in 2009 after seeing potential in the area. This investment has paid off, and it prompted Lui to look closer at the property industry.

“[We] want to evolve the property industry into an always-online industry. Our goal is to bring more liquidity to the property industry and help buyers and renters get into the perfect home they’re looking for,” he says.

Throughout all of his growth and success, Lui hasn’t forgotten that the support of his family has been crucial to his rise. In fact, family is so important that Lui has moved back to Singapore to be closer to his loved ones – and also to expand his property portfolio internationally. 

“I’m now living in Singapore to focus more on family well-being,” Lui says. “We’re still able to keep things in perspective and really enjoy the journey, not just the financial outcomes.”

 Jonathan Lui In October 2017, Lui’s successful Australian startup, Airtasker, raised $33m in investment for international expansion into the UK


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