Experienced investor? Equity in existing properties? Looking to enter a new market? If so, Clique may have the opportunity for you.

Shared living is on its way to Australia. Already gaining popularity throughout London, Singapore and Sweden, it’s a logical extension from investing in traditional residential property, without the sometimes-restrictive lease conditions that can accompany commercial properties.

And when it does arrive – renters will be seeking established players and solutions within the industry. Investors who get in early are going to find themselves in a better position. Clique represents an opportunity to get in on the literal ground floor of a new shred living investment opportunity.

In this exclusive feature, Adam Barclay of Clique gives the rundown of the potential of this investment in this exclusive feature:

  • How disruption will drive the future of property investments in Australia
  • Why shared living is NOT sharehousing
  • The benefits of shared living investments
  • Targeted tenants
  • Growing residential value with commercial stability

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