Danny Andrews hadn’t even started primary school when he discovered his first great love.

“I was about four years old when I caught the property bug. My mother used to walk me to kindergarten past a house that was being built, and I was blown away as I saw little improvements unfolding each week,” he says.

Danny started working in construction at 12 and quit school at 15 to become a carpentry apprentice. He started his own business at 20 and developed his first property two years later.

Danny Andrews


First purchase: “A block of land in New Zealand that I bought for NZ$10,000 and put two townhouses on”

Biggest development regret: “A site in Queenstown, New Zealand, that sold for double the price after I let it go”

Hobby: “Property! I spend most of my time investigating new site opportunities, and I like to reinvest my money in property”

Through his company Andrews Projects, Danny wants to focus on building up his local community.

“Being a property developer has given my family a great life, but it’s just as exciting to know how much Andrews Projects benefits other families. We have about 200 people a day working on our current Vue Broadbeach project, which equates to a lot of food being put on a lot of tables,” he says.

“I’ll always appreciate that property has allowed me to contribute to society in a positive way