Property News Update: 13th August 2018


What's made the news in property this week?

Nicola and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.

1. What agents should tell you
The newlywed homeowners filed a lawsuit against Realtor Debbie Clark and Link Realty after discovering strong smell... READ MORE

2. That ticking sound you hear is not a bomb
Australia’s official population clock normally doesn't get much attention as it quietly adds more than 40 people each hour and over 1000 each day... READ MORE

3. Properties sell for more after auction
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll have to pass the property in …” It’s the 11 words that homeowners dread. But, according to a real estate tech firm, an auction flop is not necessarily cause for alarm... READ MORE

4. Inside the cheapest house in Australia
IN a small country town — which has just received a $90 million industry upgrade — this “fixer upper” is being touted as the country’s cheapest home... READ MORE

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