Property News Update: 13th July 2018


What's made the news this week?

Nicola and Kevin catch up to discuss the stories that grabbed their attention this week.

1. Gold in them thar hills  
A NEW homeowner has had the shock of his life after literally discovering a gold mine tucked away in the backyard of the suburban property he’d bought... READ MORE

2. RBA watches house prices  
With the potential impact on household wealth in mind, The Reserve Bank of Australia is closely monitoring the weakening home prices in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne... READ MORE

3. Melbourne parents downsize by buying 2 apartments
Couples ready to downsize but not abandon their children to Melbourne’s expensive rental market, have hit upon an ingenious solution... READ MORE

4. What not to do as a landlord
It's every landlord's worst nightmare: Unruly renters stripping their property to its bones, even ripping out copper wiring... READ MORE

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