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Top tips for first-time investors

Before delving into the finer details of how to generate wealth from an investment property, there are some fundamental decisions to make first – such as whether you will cultivate an asset that reaps cash flow or one that will give you the riches of capital growth.

A stylist's top tips for attracting buyers

Giving a home a makeover is more than just making the aesthetics look pretty. When Jennifer Milne reflects on what it means to style a property in preparation for its debut on the selling market, she likens it to dressing yourself for an interview at that dream job.

The common mistakes to avoid when building wealth in property

Knowing how to minimise the risks and prepare a plan of attack for ‘when’ (rather than ‘if’) obstacles encroach your investing strategy is the best way forward for investors.

How to make income as a new developer

How to reap a profit from property auctions

How to identify and plan for a property boom

How this mistake can cost you thousands

Brisbane: Next to boom?

Assessing property risks during COVID-19

Termite-infested house thrown a lifeline

How landlords can help tenants during COVID-19

Investing in property after 50

Which strata scheme are you buying?

The reality of buying and selling post-pandemic

Ranger Stacey's property climb

How to find the highest-ROI property to invest in

Buying in partnership the key to property buying in 2020?

How to buy a first home with big price growth potential

An independent approach to wealth

Retirement riches: How do you get from A to B?

A formula for success

Mastering the art of decision making

A simple formula for property investing success

Block contestants share top tips to increase value

How your PPOR can help you build wealth

How to spot bias from media and "experts"

Getting wealthy through cash flow properties

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