Expert Advice by Ryan Crawford


There has been a lot of speculation in the media lately about property prices - particularly in the northwest of Western Australia. This has led investors to ask a host of questions such as: how will house prices perform in the next five years? Is the mining boom over? Can real estate markets start the boom cycle again?

Crawford Property Group's Group Director Ryan Crawford explains why investors need to understand the property market 'clock' in these areas to buy in before the boom.


Ryan Crawford is one of Australia’s most successful property investors under 40 and a leading expert in positively geared property investment. In less than a decade, Ryan built a portfolio of more than 40 positively geared properties and is now dedicated to helping others plan and implement successful property investment strategies. Since establishing Crawford Property Group in 2008, he has coached thousands of everyday Australians to financial freedom through positively geared property. Ryan was recognised in Your Investment Property’s 2013 Investor of the Year awards and is regularly featured in the media as an industry thought leader and commentator, including Channel 7’s Today Tonight and national newspapers.

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