Property Renovation - Investment Strategies

    • Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your haven, your safe space away from the world, and yet the magnificent master is often left to chance when it comes to renovating. Fortunately, creating a meaningful space doesn’t cost the earth – it just requires a little consideration. read more

    • The entryway may be a small part of the home, but never underestimate the effect it has on the look and feel of a property. It can provide personality and give an A-list fi rst impression – if you apply these tips. read more

    • The living room is often the main area that guests observe in your home. You want it to be a beautiful, bright, well-lit space so that it becomes the perfect entertainment spot – and with these renovation tips that’s exactly what you’ll get. read more

    • The kitchen is one of most important areas of the home, yet renovating it can be a minefield, given all the expensive upgrades involved. However, a sleek renovation can be achieved on a strategic budget – in this case, less than $7,000 read more

    • Renovating is about transformation, and its limit extends to wherever your imagination is willing to take you. For instance, you don’t have to be boxed in by the idea that a residence is just a residence when you may be able to transform it into a commercial property with super-sized yields read more

    • You know how the saying goes: you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. In property, the front façade is about as important as it gets in terms of capturing attention and inviting people in to take a closer look read more

    • Renovating bathrooms can be expensive as it can involve the potentially major cost of new tiling and pipework. Therefore, it’s important to employ a smart strategy when planning your bathroom reno, to ensure your end result is both easy on the wallet and easy on the eye. read more

    • For registered nurse Julie and her partner Shelley, finding a rough diamond was always their property search goal. This they found in a dilapidated home in Shoalwater, which they transformed themselves – for a tidy profit of $60,000 read more

    • When Jo Powell was asked her to help bring a 1980s brick home back to its former glory, she knew she had a challenge on her hands. Factor in a tight renovation budget of just $20,000, and it could have been mission impossible read more