Andrew Hanna was obsessed with property and construction way back when he was at school. He carried this interest into his adult life, taking a job with a developer when he was in his early 20s – a job he loved, despite “being paid peanuts” initially.

“Most people said it was dumb – I was saving for my wedding at the time. But I wanted to learn and not earn,” Andrew explains.

And learn he did.

Andrew Hanna

Andrew Hanna supplements his development projects with cash flow from townhouse investments in the Dubbo region


Age when Andrew did his first deal: 22

First purchase: Property in Hebersham, NSW

Best deal: Amalgamation of three properties in Penrith, for a profit of over $3m

His employer was very impressed by his drive, even when Andrew decided to quit at the age of 27 to start his own business, Colless Gate.

Andrew’s big break came when he worked on the amalgamation of a set of properties in Penrith for an apartment and childcare development, which he onsold during a Sydney boom for more than $3m in profit – before he had even settled the initial purchase.

For Andrew, however, his greatest achievement was closer to home, when “I was able to buy my mum a new car”, he says proudly.

“I realised that I found more joy in giving than in earning for myself,” he adds.

“Investing in property is about giving back. If you want to earn for yourself, you won’t get it.”


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