Michael Beresford, director of investment services at OpenCorp, may help people secure their financial future through property, but his own best investment to date cost him far less than a parcel of real estate

How long have you been investing in property?

I have been investing in property since 2001, when I bought my first owner-occupied property in my early 20s. 

While I got lucky and didn’t lose money because the market moved, I had to sell the property about 18 months later due to unforeseen circumstances. But I used the proceeds of that sale to springboard my first property investment in 2003, and I have been investing since then.

What is your favourite or best investment and why? 

My best investment was a ticket to a fundraising event back in 2009, which cost me the grand sum of $150. 

At the event, I ran into a friend from my old football days, who is now one of my business partners. Since then, as a team we have been able to create tremendous success both in our professional and personal lives. 

I’m lucky that I look forward to going to work every day as we help like-minded people create the same success and financial security that we have personally achieved.

“My ultimate goal as a property investor is to give myself and my family the freedom and flexibility to do what we want to”

What has this investment allowed you to do?

This investment has allowed us the opportunity to be able to help many Australians take control of their financial future and empower them by sharing decades worth of experience in property investment and development.

I am constantly reminded that starting an investment portfolio can be an anxious time for many people, but it helps provide comfort that I can relate to these feelings, as I was a first-timer once myself. Plus, it does get easier as you go. So while it is satisfying to have taken control of my own financial future, it is even more satisfying helping those that are motivated to improve theirs but don’t know where to start or what to do.

My ultimate goal as a property investor is to give myself and my family the freedom and flexibility to do what we want to. My wife Rebecca and I enjoy travelling. I had the opportunity to travel a little when I was younger and I would love to be able to expose our two boys to different cultures at a young age, when they are forming their own opinions on the world.

I want to also ensure that the property portfolio that I create allows my children to get the best education possible.

But just as importantly, since I was 25 years old I have been working towards having a big party for my 40th birthday on the balcony of my dream home. I have 18 months to make it happen, and we are really close!