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How to save money on your investment loan

Interest rates are currently at record-breaking lows. However, while you may sweep in a healthy amount of income on a weekly basis from your investment property, keeping in tune with how your loan is working for you is essential – as a quick review could reveal thousands of dollars in real cash savings.

How large should your property deposit be?

There’s a few numbers being thrown around when it comes to working out how much cash savings you will need in order to secure your first or next home.

How to create passive property income

The relationship between demand and supply shape both residential and commercial markets.

FEB 2020 | Housing Market Update

Latest Housing Market Update for Australia.

Are these big myths hurting your wealth?

It’s often believed that commercial investing is only for the wealthy, perhaps because commercial investing used to be an investment that required a decent deposit of 30 to 40% deposit to get started.

Best strategies to build wealth through property in 2020

Investing a well-performing property is one thing, but knowing how to bolster the cash flow that is being generated by your investment properties is quite another – and as property investing coach and director of The Property Bloke, Wayne Jessup, shares, “the way the market is headed right now, you need to be creative”.

Expert answers your property questions

While our property markets are entering a new property cycle, currently there are lots of mixed messages in the media – some positive and many negative.

Should you bother with depreciation on older properties?

For an investor who has settled on an investment property, especially a newly built one, it’s reassuring to know that there is a certain kind of safety net already attached in the form of tax deductions.

DEC 2019 | Housing Market Update

Latest Housing Market Update for Australia.

Australian Housing Market Update December 2019

How to get started as a property developer

What to know before applying for an investment loan

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