Build-to-rent is proving to be a fast-growing global phenomenon and represents a major shift in real estate ownership as we know it.

However, in Australia it is an alien concept.

Until now.

rlier this year Labor put build to rent under the spotlight when it announced proposed reforms to taxation around build-to-rent as part of their housing platform to create more affordable housing.

So what is it, and will it work in Australia?

What does it mean for mum and dad property investors and what does it mean for tenants?

They are the questions I’m going to ask today of Dr. Andrew Wilson, chief economist of

Watch as Andrew and I discuss:

•    What is build-to-rent?  The concept is that the private sector would deliver hundreds of thousands of affordable rental dwellings over coming decades.  It might sound like an ambitious dream and is unlikely to work in Australia without significant tax incentives

•    Why is everyone talking about build to rent now?

•    Can build to rent work?

•    It requires a significant buy-in from government to make it feasible – land tax exemptions, new planning codes, tax concessions, amended tenancy laws

•    Why hasn’t build to rent taken off already?Australia has an overwhelming home ownership culture – this is set to be reinforced by our increasing Asian communities

•    Will it solve the affordable housing (rental) issues in Australia? Affordability is now at peak levels and the level of first home buyers is above average and rising.

•    What is the future of the build to rent sector? It is really a strategy by the big end of town to convert government funds (taxpayer’s money) into profits under the guise of improving affordability


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